CAASPR Competency Profiles Review Project

In recent years, many self – regulated professions in Canada have developed nation – wide competency frameworks.  These nationally recognized and applied competency frameworks have aided regulators to harmonize their approaches to many aspects of professions regulation, including compliance with the Agreement on Internal Trade which stipulates the provision for labour mobility.

The Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech – Language Pathology Regulators (CAASPR) is working to complete the National Competency – Based Entry – to – Practice Assessment Project.  All jurisdictions will inform and align their regulatory practices according to this national process.  As a key component, the nation – wide competency frameworks for both professions will be used by regulators across Canada to:

  • set registration requirements;
  • inform quality assurance programs and set continuing competence requirements;
  • process complaints;
  • assist in decisions in disciplinary proceedings.

The nation – wide competency frameworks will clearly articulate and reflect current essential competencies for the professions of audiology and speech – language pathology.  The frameworks will inform and guide initial professional preparation and professional development across the career.

CAASPR has contracted with Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group (Directions), to conduct the review.

The objective of this project is to review the existing competency profiles for Audiology (Aud) and Speech – Language Pathology (SLP) and develop a current version of essential competencies for each profession.


Click here for a detailed summary of the CAASPR Competency Review Project