Document Submission Protocol

Official documents can be submitted to the College from third party sources to safeguard the integrity of the documents.
It is the responsibility of the applicant/registrant to ensure that all information is submitted to the College securely and in a manner which maintains the integrity of the documents.

Official Documentation Sent from Outside Source

The official documents must be sent directly to the College from the source (i.e., educational institutions, credentialing agencies and other regulatory bodies) in their original format. Photocopies of original documents will not be accepted.

Child and Adult Abuse Registry Checks, Criminal Record Checks

Record and registry checks can be delivered to CASLPM in person or by mail. If you wish to have a copy returned to you, provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Original documents will be retained by the College office. Criminal Record Checks received by email from the Winnipeg Police Service only may be forwarded to

Proof of Identity of Legal Name and Change of Legal Name

  • Proof of identity of legal name may be established by providing two pieces of identification that include your birthdate. (Acceptable forms of identification are
    government issued driver’s license, passport and/or birth certificate.)
  • International applicants/registrants must present their proof of identification to a Notary Public (typically found in law firms and not someone with the title
    “Commissioner for Oaths”). The Notary Public will notarize the document with their signature and seal as a confirmation that the document matches the
    applicant’s identity. Notarized photocopies will not be accepted by CASLPM.