Annual General Meeting


The College of Audiologists and Speech – Language Pathologists of Manitoba will hold a virtual Annual General Meeting:

DATE:            Wednesday  17th  MAY  2017

 TIME:              4:00 to 5:00 p.m.        CDST

 FORMAT:   Participation by Web Conference

In order to participate fully in the AGM, be recorded in the list of attendance, and have opportunity to vote on the motions, you must register and participate individually.

Attendance is in “real time” only.  The Annual General Meeting will not be archived for access at a later date and time.

Minutes will be taken and made available to all registrants.



There are two ways to attend the virtual AGM:

A.  Full Virtual Attendance and Participation

In order to attend and participate fully in the AGM, you must register in advance.

  1. To register:


  1. Upon successful registration, you will receive an automated confirmation email with instructions as to how to join the webinar on the designated date and time.
  2. You will also receive instructions which allow you to test your operating system to ensure a successful connection to the meeting platform.

You are encouraged to test the connection in advance;  use the device you will use to connect with the meeting platform on the actual date.

Go To Webinar is supported on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

On the designated date and time, use the hyperlink sent to you by e –mail to login on the device of your choice.

B.  Observer – Only Virtual Attendance

If you wish to attend the AGM as an observer only, and do not wish to actively participate in the meeting, you may arrange to listen to the broadcast alongside a colleague who is logged in.

Be reminded that observer – only status precludes your ability to submit questions and vote during the meeting and your name will not appear in the list of attendees in the meeting MINUTES.

You should make such arrangements with a colleague well in advance of the meeting date.



Why must I register in advance in order to participate fully and vote?

By registering in advance, you generate a hyperlink specific to you for your individual use.

The individualized link will allow you to:

  1. Access the meeting
  2. Have your attendance recorded
  3. Submit questions during the meeting
  4. Vote on motions

The individual – specific link also serves as the means of accountability.   The College must show due – diligence  in maintaining accurate records of the AGM.   Individual digital registration and attendance provides a record of attendance and evidence of participation in the virtual meeting context in the absence of face – to – face validation of a meeting held in traditional form.


May I register  as a “site” for  my colleagues and me to attend the Meeting as a group?

No,  once you have registered you will be provided an unique link. The system is not able to record multiple registrations under one link.

Registration on the meeting platform generates an individual – specific hyperlink only.  Each link is connected to one individual registrant of the College and enables that individual to attend and participate in the AGM.


What platform is used to host the virtual AGM?

Go To Webinar is used to host the AGM.


What technological requirements are necessary to participate in the AGM?

View System Requirements for Attendees

It is recommended that you use a wired Internet connection.


How may I test my operating system and connections in advance?

To ensure you have an adequate operating system, Join a Test Session.