Medical Assistance in Dying

The College of Audiologists and Speech – Language Pathologists is working to develop materials on medical assistance in dying and the effect it could have on the practice of speech – language pathologists and audiologists.

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PHIA On – Line Training Programs

The Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) requires all health information trustees, including health care facilities (ex: medical clinics and laboratories), health services agencies and privately practicing licensed, registered or designated health professionals to be familiar with PHIA and to develop policies and procedures as required by the Act.

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As part of the Manitoba Alliance of Health Regulatory Colleges (the Alliance), the College of Audiologists and Speech – Language Pathologists of Manitoba (the College) launched an information sheet to create more awareness of Manitoba’s Apology Legislation and promote apology as the right and humane thing to do when the actions of health care providers bring unintended harm to patients and families. The Alliance has worked closely with Manitoba Institute for Public Safety to promote the concept that apology matters. Learn more about  Manitoba’s Apology... read more