Fee Schedule


    • All fees are payable in Canadian currency.
    • No refunds will be issued on any of the fees paid.
    • A Provisional Registrant is defined as a Registrant who is a recent graduate of an approved Master’s of Audiology or Master’s of Speech-Language Pathology program, or holds a Doctorate of Audiology (AuD).

Application, Registration, & Renewal Fees
Penalties & Miscellaneous Fees
Health Profession Corporations Fees
Third-Party Advertising Fees

Amount for 2024
(Plus GST)
Amount for 2025
(Plus GST)
Application Fee$120.00$150.00
Initial Certificate of Registration

Full, Provisional*, and Non-Practicing Regulated Registration

Initial Certificate of Practice

Full and Provisional* Regulated Registration
Expires December 31 annually

Certificate of Practice Renewal or Reinstatement

Expires December 31 annually

Full and Provisional Regulated Registration$940.00Full and Provisional Regulated Registration$945.00
Non-Practicing Regulated Registration$405.00Non-Practicing Regulated Registration$408.00
Inactive/Retired Regulated Associate Registration$105.00Inactive/Retired Regulated Associate Registration$105.00
*Prorated Annual Fee for New Provisional Registration OnlyJanuary to March$940.00January to June$945.00
April to June$705.00
July to September$470.00July to December$472.50
October to December$235.00
Advanced Competency Certificate

Initial Registration and Renewal, valid for three (3) years
Must be a Full Regulated Registrant to hold Advanced Competencies

Initial & every 3 year renewal:
$60.00 for first competency
$120.00 for two or more competencies
Initial & every three year renewal:
$60.00 for first competency
$120.00 for two or more competencies
Application to Transfer Registration Category

Full, Provisional, and Non-Practicing Regulated Registration other than at annual renewal

Cross Provincial Practice Restricted Purpose Regulated RegistrationApplication Fee$100.00Application Fee$100.00
Certificate of Registration$40.00Certificate of Registration$40.00
Certificate of Practice$60.00Certificate of Practice$60.00

Other Restricted Purpose Category

Contact OfficeContact Office
Internationally Educated ApplicantCASLPM Assessment Fee$1,350.00CASLPM Assessment Fee$1,350.00

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Penalties & Miscellaneous Fees
Late Payment of Annual Renewal

Payments after October 31 registration deadline

20% of Annual Renewal Fee
Reinstatement of Regulated Registration

At any time of year, contact CASLPM office

20% of Annual Registration Fee
Non-Compliance Fee

Per incomplete process, information, document, or form including failure to provide information requested by the College,
failure to complete Jurisprudence Module, or failure to complete Self-Assessment Tool

Request for Verification of Registration

Contact CASLPM office

Request for Name Change

Contact CASLPM office

Issuing copies of documents from Registrant's file

Up to 25 pages, $1/page thereafter

Payment declined, NSF, unauthorized

Applicable to all payment methods

Payment made by any means other than online (e.g. cheque)$25.00
Administration Fee

At Registrar's discretion

Onsite Practice Audit

Does not apply to registrants randomly selected or volunteering for a Practice Audit per CASLPM General Regulation Section 6.11(1)

Remediation Plan - One Cycle

No charge for first ten (10) hours

Election Recount$150.00

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Health Profession Corporations
Application and Initial Permit$150.00
Renewal Permit$120.00

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Third-Party Advertising
Broadcast Email or Website Posting$100.00
Broadcast Email and Website Posting$150.00

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