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Canadian Entry-to-Practice Exam For Audiology and Speech Language Pathology

The Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech – Language Regulators (CAASPR) have been working diligently towards developing and implementing a centralized competency based Canadian Entry to Practice (CETP) Exam.  All new graduate applicants and internationally educated applicants seeking licensure in Manitoba will be required to write the CETP Exam as one part of the licensing process for the College of Audiologists and Speech – Language Pathologists of Manitoba (CASLPM).

CASLPM requires that you proceed with an application to sit the CAASPR CETP Exam. Please visit the CAASPR  website to begin your first phase of the registration process; If you are approved to sit the CAASPR CETP Exam, CASLPM must receive your proof of eligibility as part of your CASLPM application and this will begin the second phase of the registration process.

Application for Registration & Certificate of Practice

An individual who has recently graduated from a Master’s program in Audiology or Speech – Language Pathology is eligible to apply for registration with the College of Audiologists and Speech – Language Pathologists of Manitoba (the College) as a PROVISIONAL REGULATED REGISTRANT.

Once eligibility for registration with the College is established, a Certificate of Registration is approved and granted. The individual is then eligible to apply for a Certificate of Practice.

One must hold a valid Certificate of Practice in order to engage in professional practice in the province of Manitoba. Furthermore, as a provisional regulated registrant, one must practise under the mentorship of a full regulated registrant of the same health profession, according to the terms of the Provisional Mentorship Program.

Canadian Educated Applicant Registration CHECKLIST

For further information and a Complete Application Package please contact the Regulatory Services Manager, Barb Kryzanowski (