The former Archives Committee of MSHA is pleased to announce that the Archives of Manitoba has accepted the MSHA Archival collection. Materials will be transferred from the CASLPM office to the Archives of Manitoba at the beginning of February 2023.  We are excited that the history of the MSHA will be preserved along with other parts of Manitoba’s archival heritage.

As you may recall, the Archives has files of some members that contain “memorabilia” type information.  This may include but is not limited to newspaper clippings, informational brochures, and awards.  These files do not contain any information related to membership/licensing with MSHA.  These files will not be transferred to the Archives of Manitoba.  Any person wishing to collect their file may do so at the CASLPM office.  Please contact the office at by February 10 to arrange a time before the end of February 2023 to collect the materials. After that time, the files will be destroyed.

In the future, those wishing to access information and photos from the MSHA Archives may do so by contacting the Archives of Manitoba.