Internationally Educated Applicants

Application for Registration & Certificate of Practice

An individual who has acquired their professional degree(s) outside Canada is an Internationally Educated Applicant (IE-Applicant).

To register with CASLPM:

  1. All IE-Applicants must be assessed by the Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Regulators (CAASPR) to determine if their educational program meets the equivalency requirements of the Canadian accredited programs. CAASPR will send the assessment report directly to CASLPM. Please apply to CAASPR here.
  2. All IE-Applicants begin the online registration process with the College here.
  3. Before proceeding make sure to read the Internationally Educated Applicant Registration Checklist.

Once eligibility for registration with the College is established, a Certificate of Registration is approved and granted. The IE-Applicant is then eligible to apply for a Certificate of Practice. One must hold a valid Certificate of Practice in order to engage in professional practice in the province of Manitoba.